Future Generations in the Declaration

What will be agreed at the climate talks in Glasgow has the potential to enable governments to address the crises in the days and decades yet to come. The first draft of the agreement does not include the interests of wellbeing for todays and future generations yet. 

What happens if they would agree to a holistic direction of wellbeing for all sorts of life? Hence, the Acting Ombudsperson for Future Generations and the Commissioner of Future Generations from Wales call for a change of perspective now by including the wellbeing of future generations in the deal. All governments are called to use their positions and commit themselves to include a holistic view in the final agreement. 

It might mean to embark the journey and actively adapt with the whole picture in mind, for the future of ourselves and our childrens’. The quest for climate justice has seconds to push for a climate pact that includes the interest of future generations at the centre of decisions. Will you call for action on behalf of future generations?

COP26 call for Future Generations #FutureGenerationsintheDeclaration #COP26