A letter to Jair Bolsonaro

‘Dear worldleaders, will your grandchildren take pride in the decisions you make today?!’

What if your future is taken away from You,
What if your lungs are burning and your leader is lying.
What would You do..if you were a child…

Amsterdam based filmmaker Hermen van de Waal asked Brazilian children 
“What would you tell Jair Bolsonaro, if he was your grandfather?”

The children wrote a video letter to their ‘grandpa’, confronting him on his current behaviour and the impact it has on their future and generations to come.


‘Kid-Start’ aims at a global platform of young change-makers, so they can advise and raise the adults on these topics.The voices of children need to be heard as equal or even leading partners by current policy-makers to transform their way of thinking from short term profit towards 7 generation thinking, in order to protect our environment for the generations to come. Children have strong ideas and solutions but often they lack a stage to be heard. Kid-Start wants to give them this stage. The message in this video was written by the kids themselves. Kid-Start is a Dutch independent non-profit foundation.

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